What does the name Malamiah mean?

The name “Malamiah” was created by combining the names of the owner’s three children: Malachi, Nehemiah and Josiah.

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Juices are created using a juicer that removes the pulp (skin, seeds, peels, etc.) and only extracts the liquid juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are created using a blender and include most of the pulp. Unless you’re on a juice cleanse, juices should be consumed as a supplement to a healthy balanced diet, much in the same way you would take a vitamin. Smoothies can be consumed as a meal replacement, especially when they include greens or one of our add-in options.

How do I set up a catering order?

Completing our catering interest form is the first step for setting up a catering order.

What do you do with all your pulp?

We compost all the pulp from our juices using the New Soil service through Arrowaste Inc.

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a limited-time during which you consume only raw juice. The benefits of a juice cleanse include resetting eating habits, boosting consumption of micro- nutrients, increasing energy levels, and providing a total body detox. We offer various juice cleanse options at Malamiah.

Do you use organic produce?

We do not exclusively use organic produce. Some of our produce is organic, but we also use seasonal produce from local farmers who utilize responsible farming practices. We prioritize the use of locally grown produce as much as possible. In addition, we hand-inspect each piece of produce and utilize a vinegar and water mix to rinse each item before it is used.

Does Malamiah donate products to community organizations or events?

Yes! We specifically donate to organizations and events that are directly aligned with our mission and vision to promote health and support youth employment. Click here to complete the donation request form.